Book Contents

 Part I: Transport of Water

Chapter 2: Model predictive control for combined water supply and navigability/sustainability in river systems (by V. Puig, C. Ocampo-Martinez and R.R. Negenborn)

Chapter 3: Data assimilation to improve models used for the automatic control of rivers or canals (by P.-O. Malaterre, N. Jean-Baptiste and C. Dorée)

Chapter 4: Distributed LQG control for multiobjective control of water canals (by J.M. Lemos and I. Sampaio)

Chapter 5: Forecasting and predictive control of the Dutch canal network (by A. van Loenen and M. Xu)

Chapter 6: Transport of water versus particular transport in open-channel networks (by G. Belaud and X. Litrico)

Chapter 7: Coordinating model predictive control of transport and supply water systems (by C.C. Sun, V. Puig and G. Cembrano)

Chapter 8: Effects of uncertain control in transport of water in a river-wetland system of the Low Magdalena River, Colombia (by L. Alfonso and M. Tefferi)

Chapter 9: Automatic tuning of PI controllers for water level regulation of a multi-pool open-channel hydraulic system (by D. Dorchies and P.-O. Malaterre)

Chapter 10: Hierarchical MPC-based control of an irrigation canal (by A. Sadowska, P.J. van Overloop, C. Burt, B. De Schutter)

Part II: Transport over Water

Chapter 11: Model predictive control for incorporating transport of water and transport over water in the dry season (by X. Tian, R.R. Negenborn, P.J. van Overloop, J.M. Maestre and E. Mostert)

Chapter 12: Enhancing inland navigation by model predictive control of water levels: The Cuinchy-Fontinettes case (by K. Horváth, L. Rajaoarisoa, E. Duviella, J. Blesa, M. Petreczky and K. Chuquet)

Chapter 13: Effects of water flow on energy consumption and travel times of micro-ferries for energy-efficient transport over water (by M. Burger and B. De Schutter)

Chapter 14: Potential fields in modeling transport over water (by E. Osekowska, S. Axelsson and B. Carlsson)

Chapter 15: Safe and efficient port approach by vessel traffic management in waterways (by J. Froese)

Chapter 16: Technological challenges and developments in European inland waterway transport (by R.G. Hekkenberg)

Chapter 17: Wave filtering and dynamic positioning of marine vessels using a linear design model: Theory and experiments (by V. Hassani and A.M. Pascoal)

Chapter 18: Closed-loop identification and control of inland vessels (by A. Padilla, R. Bittner and J.I. Yuz)

Chapter 19: Nonlinear iterative control of manoeuvring models for transport over water (by E. Revestido Herrero, M. Tomás-Rodríguez and F.J. Velasco)

Chapter 20: Performance evaluation of an inland pusher (by M. Godjevac and M. Drijver)

Chapter 21: City logistics by water: Good practices and scope for expansion (by J. Maes, C. Sys and T. Vanelslander)

Chapter 22: Reactivation of the small inland waterway network (by E. van Hassel)

Chapter 23: Fostering cooperation in inland waterway networks: a gaming and simulation approach (by A.W. Veenstra, J. van Meijeren, J. Harmsen and A. Verbraeck)